The statistics tell us that most users click the first three links on a page. You should want to purchase better placement for your ads but first you need to fund your account. There is no minimum amount you need to deposit except that there be enough to cover a day's worth of advertising (which amounts to pennies). There are two ways to fund your account. While BungeeBones is a solely-Bitcoin system (i.e. all payments coming into the BungeeBones system must be in Bitcoin [no exceptions] and all payments out [commissions, refunds*, etc] are also entirely in Bitcoin) we provide a mechanism for advertisers to purchase advertising credits directly from our users.

But to more conveniently pay for your ads with Bitcoin you can find all the information you need to do that here. If you are new to Bitcoin there's probably no better time to get your "feet wet" than now by purchasing a few penny's worth of web advertising.

To fund your account with what is essentially their equivalent (we convert Bitcoin to Adcoins or advertising credits [they are synonymous] in our own internal accounting system) you can purchase them from other members that have earned them or purchased them with Bitcoin. You can purchase them with whatever means you or the seller agree to but the method recommended by BungeeBones is by cash deposited to the seller's bank, in person, at a branch near you.

You can find advertising credits/AdCoin for sale on the BungeeBones Market Bulletin page but first go here to find out more about how the program works.

* Bitcoin is used for refunds as well but no refunds are issued for amounts of less than $25 [USD] worth of Bitcoin.