The BungeeBones Affiliate Program's Commission Plan provides for long-term, residual commission payments. Customers pre-loading their account and their advertising payments are then deducted from that account DAILY. That means affiliates are credited daily. Those daily payments are disbursed among those that were responsible for making the sale and also those that were responsible for recruiting and oftentimes training the seller (in other words, the commission plan is a multi-level payment system).

Affiliates receive 50% of the payments their customers make EACH AND EVERY TIME the customer pays (ie. daily). Payments continue for as long as the customer remains a paying customer. A customer can quit and payments would stop but if/when they restart the commissions restart also. A customer can also increase or decrease their payments daily and the commissions are also adjusted accordingly.

Affiliates Can Recruit Other Affiliates And/Or Publishers

The affiliate or publisher making the actual sale gets credited their percentage of the sale amount first (50%). After that commission payment is credited then the one that recruited them receives their override commission percentage based on the remainder amount. The one that recruited them gets credited 50% of the remainder. That process of paying half of the remainder to the next higher level continues until it reaches BungeeBones itself as the last one in the line in which case the final remainder is retained by BungeeBones.

A commission disbursement of 100 units through six layers (where each affiliate receives 50%) would have commissions that look like this:
Seller 1=>Gets 50%*100 units -> commission units = 50 units = remainder amount = 50 units
Recruiter 1=> Gets 50%*50 units -> commission units = 25 units = remainder amount = 25 units
Recruiter 2=>50%*25 units -> commission units = 12.5 units = remainder amount = 12.5 units
Recruiter 3=>50%*12.5 units -> commission units = 6.25 units = remainder amount = 6.25 units
Recruiter 4=>50%*6.25 units -> commission units = 3.25 units = remainder amount = 3.125 units
6=>BungeeBones 3.125. = final remainder amount = 3.125 units