Multi-Level Marketing was incorporated into BungeeBones primarily because of a characteristic common to all BungeeBones customers. The one thing common to them all is they all own or operate websites. That means everyone that comes into BungeeBones as an advertising customer is also a possible host and a potential recruit as yet another web directory publisher.

We know that the value of the network is increased with every new web directory installation and it provides yet even more web traffic than before. Each new installation is also valuable because it can recruit yet even more publishers and affiliates. The Multi-Level Marketing system was the absolute best way to reward the websites that recruit new installations and traffic. As we see, the MLM model fit the need very well.

We say we use a "white hat" MLM system and it is important to realize here that there is one very major difference between the BungeeBones MLM system and most MLM systems. BungeeBones doesn't charge for the MLM opportunity. It is free to join and we even provide free websites (blogs) to anyone that wants one.