You can add or link for absolutely no cost and still be listed on all or most of our Publisher's websites. The site owners are the ones that ultimately decide whether to give their own web traffic away or not but at present they all have gone along with BungeeBones Administration's suggestion to do so.

What Is The Difference?

The listings in any particular category are delivered upon a user's request in display pages of 20 listed links per page. If there are more than twenty links in the requested category then the results are "paginated" so that the first page will deliver the first twenty links and the rest of the links will be provided for subsequent requests (if they occur). Obviously it is best to be on the first page.

Listings are arranged or ordered first according to whether they are paying advertisers or free advertisers with the paying ones fittingly being displayed ahead of the free ones.

The free advertisers are arranged and ordered for display (behind the paid ones) according to their seniority with those that were added first being displayed first and the last link to be added is displayed last in the list.

Paying Advertiser Links are arranged according to the price they are paying. They can purchase their position at various price levels called "price slots" which increment up from just a few cents per month to whatever. Which price slot you would want to choose depends on a number of factors such as how early/late you joined, how much competition there is in that category and what they have chosen to pay, and maybe even where your business is located and where your customers are located (there is no sense to pay to advertise globally when all your customers are local). But the system also enables you to jump ahead of ALL the free links by purchasing a price slot position at even just a few cents a month. It means that for just a few cents a month the last link in the display can jump ahead of all of the more senior ones.